Moving On From Iron Speed Designer

Ever since Iron Speed announced that it was shutting its doors, leaving Iron Speed Designer as an unsupported development environment, those who have counted on Iron Speed Designer have been left scrambling for a method to convert their existing Iron Speed Designer applications to a supported environment.  To that end, Logical Developers has created a converter that reads Iron Speed Designer-generated XML files, examines the database, and outputs ASP.NET MVC code.

MVC, the latest of the ASP.NET development environments, is the gold standard.  It is supported by legions of third-party control developers and ultimately supported by Microsoft, a company that is not going away any time soon.  Our converter also makes use of tools from Telerik, allowing the converted application to have a sleek, modern UI.


Iron Speed Designer to ASP.NET MVC Migration Services

Logical Developers propels its clients a huge step forward on the road from Iron Speed to ASP.NET MVC.  Our highly efficient converter allows us to offer our migration services at a low cost, and with turn-around times that could not be achieved otherwise.  Please take a look at our converter in action:

We are licensed in all Iron Speed Designer from version 3.1 to the final 12.2.  If your organization was left in the lurch by Iron Speed’s demise and need a way back to a modern, supported environment, let us know how we can use our tools to help you get there quickly and at lower cost.

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